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Reducing Serum 8.1


Extraordinary concentrated serum to eliminate cellulite blemishes.

Ingredients: iodized amine, sea oak
and Vitamin E. Precious concentrated serum formulated with iodized amine, lipase enzymes, hyaluronidase, gotu kola, sea oak, horse chestnut and vitamin E. Designed for the treatment of blemishes related to fat and cellulite.

How to use: apply exclusively to the affected area, massaging with circular movements until completely absorbed. Apply Dermocorps 8.0, for maximum results and to rehydrate the skin.
125 ml

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A luxury concept with prestige values and sophisticated technology at the service of your beauty. With intelligent biocosmetic formulededLMC, able to effectively counteract the signs of aging.

Le MarianCarvè combines the best of nature and research to offer you healthy skin and maximum performance, offering you natural products designed and made in Italy.
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